How are they made?

We develop our own designs for the seat covers. We start on the drawing board and design lines, colours and textures that will enhance the design of the motorbike. During the development process we make paper templates so that changes, both large and small can easily be made. We seek many opinions about our new designs and once we are happy to go into production we have precision die cutters made so that we can ensure constancy in the finished covers. 

The skills of our sewing machinist, Alan, is one of the keys to our success. His extensive, previous experience lead him to be a competent and accurate machinist. It is the pride he takes in making sure threads are colour matched and the stitching precise that give Saxon seat covers the edge over the rest.

Several of our seat covers feature an elastic edging on the under-fly, this provides an edge to staple into that reduces bulky folds of vinyl and makes the covers sit more snugly around the base.

If seat covers have a sewn-on logo patch, the stitching is positioned as close to the edge a possible in order to reduce curling up of the edges. Again the colour of threads is considered of great importance as we believe that the stitching should enhance the patch and not detract from it.